Azzurra Gronchi - Made in Italy Luxury Bags
Azzurra Gronchi - Made in Italy Luxury Bags
Azzurra Gronchi - Made in Italy Luxury Bags
Azzurra Gronchi - Made in Italy Luxury Bags
Azzurra Gronchi - Made in Italy Luxury Bags

Azzurra Gronchi in her studio

Brand history

Azzurra Gronchi - Brand

Azzurra Gronchi it’s just not a luxury brand, it’s a precious story. A story in which the passion for fashion and horses meet: always in the name of timeless beauty, true values, feelings and Italian traditions.

A story borned in Tuscany, among the most wonderful places in the world, home of the most beautiful Italian works of art, culture, literature, good food and incomparable natural landscapes.

The story of Italian champion Attilio Gronchi, crowned Gentleman Driver, serious and capable entrepreneur, owner of the Samanta Tannery (founded in the 70s) and of the Valle Azzurra farm, which over the years has conquered great victories among the most important Italian Hippodrome Grand Prix.

The name of the Valle Azzurra cattery is named after Attilio Gronchi’s daughter, Azzurra, who in Italy founded the namesake brand in 2011, synonymous with high craftsmanship, precious leathers and unique manufacturing.

Art director

Azzurra Gronchi

Azzurra Gronchi is the designer of the brand that she founded in 2011 after she had experienced important collaborations with maisons like Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo and Costume National, where she started to improve her genius and uniqueness.

Since she was a child Azzurra Gronchi has been living inside the world of fashion. She was born in Tuscany where her family runs the business leather: Samanta is one of the most important tanneries in Italy .

Thanks to this she gained a rich know how in the field of leather goods, materials and manufactures.

After graduating as a pattern maker at the Professio- nal Training Centre and as a designer and product manager at the Polimoda, both in Florence, she has quickly stepped into the world of up-market leather accessories.

Award recognitions

Azzurra Gronchi - Ramponi Prize

Milan, January 14, 2018 - Al White debuted the tangible talent of the designer Azzurra Gronchi who with his namesake brand won the eighth edition of the Ramponi Prize. The contest, wanted by Alfredo Ramponi, owner of the homonymous Made in Italy company that produces synthetic crystals and abs studs for clothing and accessories, has rewarded the talent of the young designer, founder of the brand, in line with the criteria of creativity, research and aesthetics required by the competition.

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